Information about RUKA-18

RUKA is the student festival at the Department of marine technology and is held every second year in October. We arrange revue, conserts, courses, parties and other arrangements within a week, all happening at Tyholt and all for marine students! We are looking for volunteers who are eager to create an amazing RUKA-18 together with around 300 other volunteers from our department.

By joining as a volunteer for RUKA-18 you will get the chance to experience the largest, oldest and most appriciated arrangement for marine students at NTNU. You will get invited to VERY FUN parties and social arrangements exclusivly for the volunteers, get to know many very nice people and get a free volunteer RUKA-18 t-shirt. Do not hesitate to contact one of the board members of RUKA-18 if you have any questions! General workload as volunteer is 1-2 work shifts of about 1-3 hours and one day or some hours course ahead of the festival.

More information about RUKA-18 will come soon. 

Any questions? Please contact one of the board members or write an email to